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About Cameron Window and Gutter Cleaning
Cameron Window and Gutter Cleaning is a family-owned professional window and gutter cleaning service company that has been serving the Eastside and Greater Seattle area for over 35 years.  We pride ourselves in providing high-quality professional services and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  

Cameron Window and Gutter Cleaning is licensed and insured.  Liability insurance certification is available upon request.  
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Never worry about dirty windows or plugged gutters again!

Sign up for our Continuing Service Program and we will set up your home on a regular maintenance schedule.  You choose the frequency and your home gets the proper maintenance it needs.  

You will receive a reminder call/email when your service is due.  

  • No contract to sign
  • Schedule changes allowed  
  • Routine maintenance never missed
  • Keeps costs down - fewer price increases
  • Applies to any of our provided services

Example 1:
  • Windows cleaned twice a year
  • Gutters cleaned twice a year
  • Roof moss control once a year
  • Pressure washing once a year

Example 2:
  • Windows cleaned once a year
  • Gutters cleaned once a year
  • Roof moss every other year
  • Pressure washing every other year

Example 3:
  • ​Windows cleaned quarterly
Continuing Service Program